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LLP Registration
@ Rs. 3999 /-

LLP is same as Company with less compliances and benefits. It is preferable for SMEs mainly Professional Firms going for Partnership.
1. Two Digital Signatures with DPIN Registration
2. LLP Name Approval
3. Drafting & Filing of the LLP Deed by Legal Expert
4. Complete Statutory Fee excluding Stamp Duty on Deed
5. PAN & TAN Allotment


to Register Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  1. Arrange basic documents of Partners
  2. TaxSahib will apply for DSC (Digital Signature) of Partners
  3. TaxSahib will Prepare other Legal documents
  4. TaxSahib will File Incorporation Docs with ROC
  5. Get your LLP Incorporation Certificate

What is Limited Liability Partnership?

It is hybrid of both, partnership and company. Its main advantage over a traditional partnership firm is that in a LLP, one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. It also provides limited liability protection to the owners from the debts of the LLP. In LLP, unlike companies, owners have the right to manage the business directly. 

In 2008, GoI introduced Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008 to introduce & govern a new form of business entity called LLP in India.
With an easy incorporation process and simple compliance formalities, LLP is preferred by Professionals, Micro and Small businesses that are family owned or closely-held. Since, LLPs are not capable of issuing equity shares, LLP should not be used for any business that has plans for raising equity funds during its lifecycle.


Why to Register LLP

Limited Liability Protection to Partners personal assets

Many times startups need to borrow money and take things on credit. In case of normal Partnerships, Partners personal savings and property would be at risk incase business is not able to repay its loans. In an LLP, only investment to start a business is lost, personal assets of the Partners are safe.

Better image and credibility in Market

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a popular and well known business structure in the world. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with LLP instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.

No Audit Requirement & Minimal Compliances

LLP is easy to manage and statutory audit is not required for Limited Liability Partnership. LLP is most ideal for small enterprises. Tax Audit is also not required for LLPs with capital less than Rs. 25 lac and turnover not exceeding Rs. 40 lac.

Continuity of Business

LLP continues to exist beyond the existence of its Partners. This is not possible in traditional partnership firms.

Documents Required

  1. Passport Size Photo(s) of all Partners
  2. PAN Card Copy of of all the Partners 
  3. Aadhar Card Copy of all the Partners
  4. Address Proof of the business - Copy of Rent Agreement & Electricity Bill with NOC, if Electricity bill is not in the name of Firm/Partner
  5. Physically Signed copy of Application for Digital Signature  of all Partners


Rs.                          6499*

 (Inclusive of stamp duty)

Two Digital Signatures with DPIN Registration

    LLP Name Approval
    Drafting & Filing of the LLP Deed by Legal Expert

    Complete Statutory Fee Including Stamp Duty on LLP Deed

    PAN & TAN Allotment


Rs. 7499* 

(Inclusive of stamp duty)

Complete Basic Package

GST Registration 


Rs. 14499*

 (Inclusive of stamp duty)

Complete Standard Package

Trademark Registration

Annual Compliances

LLP has very few annual compliances, however, if you fail to comply it by due date(s), then there is a penalty of Rs.100 per day for continuing default with no maximum limit. Below are few important compliances:

Form 11

Annual return of LLP needs to be filed within 60 days by 30th May of the next year.

Form 8

The statement of Account & Solvency is to be filed by 30 October of the next year.


Audit is mandatory only if turnover crosses Rs. 40 lakh or capital contribution crosses more than 25 Lakh.


Income Tax Return is also required to be filed by 30 July of the next year.

On How to Register LLP in India

To incorporate a LLP, minimum 2 partners are required and there is no limit to the maximum number of partners. Further, Appointment of at least 2 “Designated Partners” is mandatory for all LLPs. “Designated Partners” shall also be accountable for regulatory and legal compliances, besides their liability as ‘partners, per-se”

Any Individual (above the age of 18 years)/HUF/AOP/Body Corporate, including foreign nationals/body corporate can become the partner in a LLP.

Yes, every Designated Partner would be required to obtain a “Designated Partner’s Identification Number” (DPIN) just like “Director’s Identification Number” (DIN) required, in case of companies, by the directors.

There is no minimum capital requirement to start a LLP, therefore, you can start your LLP with any amount of capital. Partner's contribution may consist of both tangible and/or intangible property or any other benefit to the LLP.

No, you can start your LLP from any place within India, whether commercial/residential/industrial/rented or not.

LLP incorporation takes on an average 15-20 working days time, it depends upon timely submission of relevant documents by the client and internal working speed of Registrar of Companies.

Once LLP is incorporated, it will be active and in-existence as long as the annual compliances are met with regularly. In case, annual compliances are not complied with, the LLP will become a Dormant and maybe struck off from the register after a period of time.

Yes, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed in LLP under the automatic route in sectors allowed by the Foreign Investments Promotion Board (FIPB). However, Foreign Institutional Investors (Flls) and Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs) will not be permitted to invest in LLPs. LLPs will also not be permitted to avail External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs).

Yes, an existing partnership firm or a company that is unlisted can be converted into LLP. However, the process is little expensive and requires tax planning otherwise you may face unnecessary tax burden.

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