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As Proprietorship

Proprietorship is an alias for the Proprietor to do business. Proprietorships are ideal for very small businesses in the unorganised sector.

As Partnership

Partnership could be registered or unregistered. Partnerships are ideal for small business in the unorganised sector having multiple promoters (i.e. more than one).


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) offer limited liability protection with Seperate Legal Entity. Ideal business structure for Small and Medium sized Enterprises going for Partnership.

As Company

Company is the most popular corporate entity among small, medium and large businesses in India due to various advantages.

MSME/SSI Registration

MSME Registration is an voluntary Registration under the MSMED Act that provides Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises with a bunch of benefits and access to subsidies and schemes launched by Government of India timely, such as Mudra Loan, Cheaper Credit/Overdraft facilities and other indirect benefits

Trademark Registration

Trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you use to distinguish your product from your competitors. Through trademark registration or you can say logo registration/brand registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from using the same.

Shops & Establishment License

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) offer limited liability protection with Seperate Legal Entity. Ideal business structure for Small and Medium sized Enterprises going for Partnership.

GST Registration

GST registration is mandatory for all entities involved in the buying or selling or providing of services in India. Entities without GST registration would not be allowed to collect GST from a customer or claim input tax credit of GST paid or could be penalised.

TAN Registration

Every Assessee liable to deduct TDS is required to apply for Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number (TAN) and shall quote this number in all TDS Returns,TDS payments and any other communications regarding TDS with Income Tax Department.

ESI Registration

All Units or Establishments having 10 or more employees are required to be registered under ESI Act 1948 within 15 days of applicability of this act. It is a social security scheme which provides medical, sickness, maternity, disablement and various other benefits to the employees and their family.

PF Registration

Organisation having 20 or more employee strength are required to be registered with EPFO. Any other Organisations can also voluntarily opt for it to provide PF benefits to their Employees. Registration has to be done within One month from the date of hiring of 20th employee in a year.

TDS / ESI / PF Return Filing

After Registration, Monthly/ Quarterly Returns are required to be filed under above laws.

Income Tax Return Filing

Every Individual/HUF having Taxable Income more than Rs. 2,50,000 and every person other than Individual/HUF are compulsorily required to file Income Tax Return (ITR) annually

GST Return Filing

All entities having GST registration are required to file GST returns, irrespective of business activity or sales or profitability during the return filing period.

Response to Demand/ Refund/ Assessment

A tax payer can get notice for various reasons under various sections from Income Tax Department and responding to same is necessary in every case otherwise you have to face the consequences.

Form 15CA/CB Certification

Every person who wants to make any payment outside india, for obtaining any business services, requires a certificate of Chartered Accountant under Income Tax Act in order to process the payment.

Accounting/ Book-keeping Services

Bookkeeping are necessary for all businesses to ensure accurate operational / financial information. Such information is required by Management, Regulators, and Investors. Also, it is a legal requirement for any business to maintain an appropriate book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid and tax filings are made on time.

Payroll Services

Payroll is a list of employees working in an organisation, but it commonly referd as the total amount of money that an organisation pays to its employees. In other words, record of employees salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes & contributions.

Debtor Verification Services

Failure to meet the dues in stipulated time by the Debtor would lead to default which could be stopped with some pre-sales measures. We here provide debtor verification services in form of report of credit worthiness of your customer so that you'll not face any default/undue cash crunch in future.

Closure/Winding Up

Closure of Business/ Winding up is the process, where all the assets of the business are sold to paying off creditors and distributing surplus if any, among/to the owner(s) of the business and cancellation/surrender of all business registrations.

Company Annual Filing

​Companies in India must conduct an Annual General Meeting at the end of each financial year and file an annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affair to maintain compliance upto Sept 30th every year.

LLP Annual Filing

LLPs in India must file its Annual Return within 60 days from the end of close of financial year and Statement of Account & Solvency within 30 days from end of six months of close of financial year.

Maintenance of Statutory Records

Every Company/ LLP incorporated in India are required to maintain statutory registers and records. Non-Maintenance attract various penalties on the company, the Directors and every other officer in default.s structure for Small and Medium sized Enterprises going for Partnership.

Other Statutory Compliances

Apart from these, there are various other compliance which must be complied by a Company/ LLP such as Compliance related to Name/ Regd Office Change, Add/ Remove Director, MOA/ AOA Amendment, Share Transfer etc.

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